Select Dropdown pure css select with multiselect and fully customisable labels

This is pure html / css select dropdown based on input tag.

Select work with single or multi select as regular select dropdown.

You can specify placeholder or other messages in select ussing html attribute.

Case of use

open on hover - single select#


open on focus - single select#


multi select#


count selected - multi select#


Setup #

classes less/formir/setup/classes.less #

				@select: select;
@select-content: select-content;
@select-hide-selected: hide-selected;
@select-hoverable: hoverable;
@select-placeholder: placeholder;
@select-active: active;
@select-disabled: disabled;
@select-readonly: readonly;
@select-count-selected: count-selected;

@select-arrow: select-arrow;

variables less/formir/setup/variables.less #

				@select-arrow-icon-down: '\e855';
@select-arrow-icon-up: '\e856';
@select-max-height: 50vh;

// other variables go to /form