Formir is open-source pure CSS Framework
for responsive web developing

Based on flexbox, complete and modular, fluid design,
builded with Less. No-JS, no more override !important.

Why formir

What we have


npm install formir

Include formir.less file to your application stylesheets.

Read more installation guide

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Grid system


You can easily change the number of columns or space between rows & columns,
use row wrapper or not - no matter - always will work great!

So feel free and

And one more thing: number of columns and steps are customizable.

Forms & select-box

warning message
error message

Look at select-box with pure CSS:

Simple hover select with icons:

and even multi-select:

It's just a drop in the sea..

Check out our other components and helper, like: modals, tooltip, buttons etc.

Examples of use

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That still not all for pure CSS and formir ...

look at The room - formir extention

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This carousel works on pure CSS,

click "next" - arrow button

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only with html, becouse

..keep clicking..

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all formir extentions and components

you can even move closer to wall.. click "come over"

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no need JS to work at all.

and comming more...